Contemporary Cottage

Quality was king when designing this modern farmhouse, as well as creating a minimalist, casual family vibe throughout. In the kitchen, Rocky Mountain Hardware Rail pulls were used on 5 piece solid cabinet doors in Rift oak with glass-fronting to serve both a utilitarian and aesthetic role. Large 8’ white doors have a wide plank detail, but run vertically to contrast the wall paneling in direction but match it in styling. RMH’s Jane lever with Designer escutcheons was used with a white leather inset for a chic subtle tone-on-tone detail allowing the light patina to sparkle.

For a twist, a Rocky Mountain Hardware Stair Baluster was incorporated to fashion an integrated towel bar in one of the bathrooms. And, to transform the vanity in a furniture piece, its feet were adorned with RMH custom bronze caps for an added jewelry-like feel. The RMH flush pulls coordinate with the caps and blend with the rift oak cabinet stain.