The Rocky Mountain Hardware Story

At Rocky Mountain Hardware, we are masters in the art and the craft of turning molten bronze into elegant, custom, precision hardware that transcends the ordinary.

Our business is built on a foundation of innovation and ingenuity, authentic craftsmanship and an unyielding desire to cater to the aspirations of our customers. Our mantra is “never say no.”

We bring our customers’ creative concepts to life with bespoke designs cast in premium quality bronze.
What we do cannot be replicated en masse. Our products are handmade from mold to finish. And it shows.

For nearly three decades, every piece of Rocky Mountain Hardware has served as a symbol of our commitment to quality, artistry and craftsmanship. Our hardware is made in the USA, and we stand behind each and every piece we make.

In the Beginning

The story of Rocky Mountain Hardware unfolded over three decades ago in a successful showroom owned by Mark and Patsy Nickum. Working closely with architects, designers and builders in Sun Valley, Idaho, they furnished high-end doors, windows and door hardware for upscale, custom-built homes.

Born from Opportunity

The Nickums quickly realized the need for quality, customized products, as their clients repeatedly asked for pieces that simply didn’t exist. They were looking for accessories that would tie their projects together–products with one-of-a-kind character that could be used throughout the entire house to unify the look. Without customized pieces, their clients were settling for something ordinary rather than staying true to the design of the home and making those finishing touches exceptional.

Never Say No

Whenever a need arose on a project for a particular type of hardware that just couldn’t be found, it was created. Starting with one lever and one plate, their clients asked, “Can you do the doorstop?” Their reply? “Sure, we can do a doorstop.” The doorstop evolved into a cabinet knob for the kitchen, then on to all the hardware in the bath. Next stop, door accessories and hinges, and finally plumbing and lighting. It comes as no surprise that the companies philosophy of never saying “no” was the inspiration behind the creation of Rocky Mountain Hardware. And that was just the beginning.

Moving Forward

Today, Rocky Mountain Hardware continues its family tradition with their son Christian at the helm since 2003. Their unwavering commitment to high-quality, custom bronze pieces is unparalleled. The creation of that next sculptural work of art is already in the works. As for the future? They can’t wait for the next request.

Innovative Designs


From classic to modern to minimalist, our collections offer exclusive designs from recognized and award-winning artisans.


Authentic Craftsmanship


Every piece of Rocky Mountain Hardware is handmade from mold to finish, resulting in exquisite, custom-crafted products that reflect timeless style and enduring beauty.


Artistry At Work

Glass Door

Our hardware and accessories add unique, organic character to any aesthetic, while seamlessly tying spaces together.

Featured Projects

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