Finish Options For Hardware

Hand-Applied Bronze-Alloy Finishes

Our hand-applied patinas are a point of pride here at Rocky Mountain Hardware. They add an element of organic warmth and enduring beauty to every piece of hardware we create.

We offer two bronze-alloys, silicon bronze and white bronze, which when combined with a hand applied patina results in 12 hue options. All products are available in any finish.

Silicon bronze and white bronze are both valued for their beauty and lasting strength. A favorite material throughout history, bronze has endured for centuries.

Our eco-conscious, premium quality finishes age elegantly, and develop rich, lustrous patinas that are unique to each piece of hardware as it is influenced by time, touch, and climate.

Made to Order


Complete customization is at the core of what we do. Let us turn the image in your mind’s eye into a piece of working art that is exactly what you are looking for.

Custom Work

Sleek and Secure


Large hotel and resort design projects with strict specifications don’t have to limit your choices on quality and unique style.


Artistry At Work

Glass Door

Our hardware and accessories add unique, organic character to any aesthetic, while seamlessly tying spaces together.

Featured Projects

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