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We Believe Sustainability Is Good Business.

Rocky Mountain Hardware is an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business. We were implementing green practices long before it became a trend. We strive for zero waste processes where possible, the premium quality bronze we use to form our pieces is made from reclaimed products, and our beautiful custom finishes are eco-friendly. We feel good about how our products are made. You can too.

Our Products Have A Past

We must confess. Our products have a past.. All of our hardware and accessories are made of premium quality art-grade bronze that is certified as having a minimum of 90% post consumer recycled content. We take what was headed to the landfill and give it new life and purpose. That means our strikingly attractive hardware and accessories also have an inner beauty of sustainability.

LEED® Gold Certified Facility

Our flagship facility in Hailey, Idaho reflects our conscious commitment to sustainability. We value the environment and the health and well-being of our talented team. That’s why when we expanded our facility, we decided to go all-in on an environmentally sound structure. Our building carries a LEED® Gold Certification from the United States Green Building Association.

Made to Order


Complete customization is at the core of what we do. Let us turn the image in your mind’s eye into a piece of working art that is exactly what you are looking for

Custom Work

Authentic Craftsmanship


Every piece of Rocky Mountain Hardware is handmade from mold to finish, resulting in exquisite, custom-crafted products that reflect timeless style and enduring beauty.


Artistry At Work

Glass Door

Our hardware and accessories add unique, organic character to any aesthetic, while and seamlessly tying spaces together.

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