Custom Bronze Hardware

Handcrafting Your Vision

At Rocky Mountain Hardware, our roots are in customization. We’ve been handcrafting custom pieces for our customers for nearly 30 years. Our expert designers and craftsmen can turn your vision into beautiful handmade pieces that are uniquely yours. Whether you are looking for an elusive style or size, or envision a completely original element, we can create it. We produce bespoke pieces every day – in-house, with no order minimums.

Our Custom Capabilities

Some projects call for a personalized touch, or pieces that simply don’t exist. That’s where we really excel. Our capabilities are unmatched. We can create anything you can imagine – from customizing a piece with a family crest to creating bespoke grips or pulls.

Custom Work

Our Custom Project Process

Like everything we do, our custom hardware and accessories are handmade, in-house. Your bespoke order will get special, personalized attention as it makes its way through our proven custom project process.

It begins with you contacting your local Rocky Mountain Hardware dealer. Your dealer will gather the details we need to get your order started. Our team will work directly with your dealer to create your custom piece and ensure that you get precisely what you want.

Custom orders will take a bit longer than ordering pieces directly from one of our collections, but we believe in communicating accurate timelines and you can count on us to keep your dealer up-to-date on the progress of your piece.

If you have questions about custom orders, or would like to place a custom order, contact your local Rocky Mountain Hardware dealer.

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Place Your Custom Order

Rocky Mountain Hardware is the designer’s solution for handcrafted custom hardware and accessories. If you’re looking for a piece that you are unable to find anywhere else, we can create it for you.

If you have questions, or would like to place a custom order, your first step is to contact your local Rocky Mountain Hardware dealer. Your dealer will work with you to collect the details we need to get your order started, including any designs or samples.

We then work directly with your dealer to ensure that your order is completed to your satisfaction.

Find your local Rocky Mountain Hardware dealer and place your custom order now.

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Custom Historic Hardware

Historic projects require a keen eye for detail and the ability to reproduce vintage pieces sometimes without the benefit of existing molds or designs to reference. At Rocky Mountain Hardware, we’re up to the challenge. Our team of artists and craftsmen have the tools and talent to replicate vintage designs and cast new hardware, or refurbish existing pieces to help restore historic buildings to their former splendor. The result is hardware that reflects and honors the building’s past and has functionality that will carry over into the future.

Capital Project

Rocky Mountain Hardware is distributed exclusively through select showrooms around the world. Find a dealer near you.

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Innovative Designs


From classic to modern to minimalist, our collections offer exclusive designs from recognized and award-winning artisans.


Artistry At Work

Glass Door

Our hardware and accessories add unique, organic character to any aesthetic, while seamlessly tying spaces together.

Featured Projects

Living Finishes


Our selection of exquisite, hand-applied finishes highlight the detail of our hardware, and add a warm, living element to each piece.

Finish Options

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