Why Bronze Sinks Are a Perfect Choice

Bronze sinks are functional fixtures that also make a statement of style and durability. At Rocky Mountain Hardware, we offer an exquisite range of custom, art-grade bronze sinks that blend timeless elegance with modern functionality. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, styling a home bar, or upgrading a bathroom, our bronze sinks are a perfect choice for adding a touch of personal style and sophistication to your space.
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Unrivaled Quality and Craftsmanship

Each of our bronze sinks is a testament to our commitment to handmade craftsmanship. We don’t do mass production. Each piece of our home hardware starts with an artistic vision and is brought to life by many hands. In other words, our bronze sinks are not just mere basins but works of art. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures each sink is of unparalleled quality and unique design. From casting to the finishing touch, every step is done with the utmost care, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Wide Range of Designs

We understand that each space in your home is unique, and so are its functional and aesthetic needs. That’s why our collection of bronze sinks comes in various styles and designs. From rustic farmhouse charm to contemporary elegance, our range caters to every aesthetic. Additionally, we offer customization options to ensure your sink perfectly fits your space and style preferences.

Bronze Sinks for Every Space

Bronze sinks are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for various spaces – be it a cozy kitchen or a luxurious bathroom. Our product range includes options for every area, ensuring consistency in style and quality across your home or commercial space. This versatility is a hallmark of our design philosophy at Rocky Mountain Hardware.

The Kitchen is the hardworking heart of every home. Selecting the right sink for your space requires consideration of functional requirements and aesthetic qualities. Some of our most popular designs to customize include;

Harbor Sink: A self-rimming or undermount sink with drain and choice of basket strainer or disposal flange with strainer. We recommend selecting a Light or Brushed finish which will age over time but can be restored.

Alturas Apron Front Sink: A classic farmhouse sink custom-made in our luxurious art-grade bronze. If you are looking for a rustic and sophisticated look, we recommend selecting our Light or Brushed finishes including Bronze Light, Bronze Brushed, White Light, or White Brushed.

Create a tranquil spa environment or sleek and sophisticated design in your primary bath with Rocky Mountain Hardware. From vessel mount sinks in unique forms to sleek undermount options, we can create anything you can dream up for your space.

Pettit Sink: Designed to complement any space, this sink features a small, round shape that seamlessly integrates into various interior styles. Its compact size is perfect for creating an intimate yet luxurious ambiance. The Pettit Sink can be installed as a self-rimming sink for a classic look or undermounted for a sleek, modern appearance. This flexibility allows you to customize the installation to suit your bathroom design.

Flora Sink: Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Flora Sink is more than just a bathroom fixture; it’s an homage to the brilliance of nature. With its vessel-mounted style, the Flora sink provides a striking focal point in any bathroom.

Inject your personal style and make entertaining easy with an elegant bronze sink for your home bar, lounge, or game room.

Bar Sink: The warm hues and hand-applied patina of bronze lend an air of antique charm, making it a statement piece that elevates the overall look of your bar. Whether your bar decor is rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, a Bronze Bar Sink from Rocky Mountain Hardware will integrate flawlessly, enhancing the space with its elegant design.

The Durability of Bronze

Bronze is known for its timeless elegance, longevity, and durability. Rocky Mountain Hardware sinks are handcrafted to withstand the test of time and resist wear and tear even in high-use applications. This makes them a practical and economical choice, as they maintain their beauty and functionality for years, outperforming many other materials.

Easy Installation and Care

Our bronze sinks are designed with ease of installation in mind. We recommend professional installation to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. Maintaining these sinks is straightforward, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking as stunning as the day they were installed.

Pairing with Accessories

A bronze sink can be the centerpiece of your space, especially when paired with the right kitchen and bath accessories. We offer a range of complementary fixtures and hardware that can elevate the overall look of your interiors. From faucets to cabinet handles, the right accessories can bring out the best in your bronze sink.

Elevate Your Space with a Bronze Sink

A bronze sink from Rocky Mountain Hardware is more than a functional fixture; it’s an investment in your personal style that will stand the test of time. With unmatched durability, elegant design, and our commitment to quality, these sinks are an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their space.

Explore Our Collection

We invite you to explore our full collection of bronze sinks at Rocky Mountain Hardware. Discover the special features, new arrivals, and a variety of designs that can transform your space.