Quadra Sink

  • The Echo Sconce (WS590), Quadra sink (SK422), Lav. Deck Mount Faucet (DMF) with Small Olympus levers (LB60) and the Rail towel bar (TB5) shown in  silicon bronze, light patina.

  • Mod sconce (WS421) with deck mount faucet (DMF), Quadra sink (SK422) and Dome tile (B242).  Also shown are the Continuous towel bar (TB2) with Curved escutcheon (E500), and tissue cover (TC100).   All products are in white bronze, light patina.

  • Truss-Ring Sconce - Square Glass (WS418) with the Square escutcheon (E403), shown in silicon bronze brushed.  The Rail towel bar (TB5), Quadra sink (SK422) and the wall mount faucet (WMF) with Pool levers (L310), all shown in silicon bronze brushed.

  • Quadra Sink (SK422) and Wall Mount Faucet (WMF) withT handles (T300), Large bells (P201), and  Straight spout (P502).
    Backsplash features Rivet tiles (TT506, TT640). Shown in white bronze, light patina.

  • Charlie pendants (PE435) with wall mount faucet (WMF) with Mini Reed levers (LB30), Quadra sink (SK422), 7" towel ring (TR7) and 12" Sash grips (G612) mounted for towel bars, all shown in white bronze, light patina.

  • Olympus cabinet pulls (CK359) and Olympus grips (G661) shown in silicon bronze, dark lustre patina.  The Alpha pendant (PE455) with custom glass, custom socket covers, custom bulbs shown in silicon bronze, dark lustre patina.  Kitchen Deck Mount faucet (DMF) with Arched spout (P700) with the Cross knobs (K235) and the Quadra sink (SK422) shown in white bronze, light patina.

Quadra Sink

Product Information

Quadra Sink (SK422): 14" x 6 3/8" x 22"

Weight: 70 LB


Shown in White Bronze Light (WL)


  • Self-rimming or undermount sink
  • Integral grid drain with tailpiece included
  • Rocky Mountain Hardware highly recommends selecting our Light, Brushed or Polished finishes for this product including: Bronze Light (BL), Bronze Brushed (BBB), Bronze High Polished (BHP), White Light (WL), White Brushed (WBB) or White High Polished (WHP). All RMH finishes are living finishes and will change with time, touch and use; however, the above recommended finishes can be restored using a deoxidizing agent with a paste wax finish coat. 

Download Tear Sheet

Finish Options

White Bronze Light (WL) -
Silicon Bronze Brushed (BBB)
Silicon Bronze Light (BL)
Silicon Bronze Medium (BM)
Silicon Bronze Dark (BD)
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre (BDL)
Silicon Bronze Rust (BR)
Bronze High Polished * (BHP)
White Bronze Brushed (WBB)
White Bronze Light (WL)
White Bronze Medium (WM)
White Bronze Dark (WD)
White Bronze High Polished * (WHP)

* Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes. Call 888-788-2013 for details.

Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes.

Combinations and Pricing

Quadra Sink

SK422 - 22" x 14" x 6 3/8" deep