Metro Entry Set - 2 1/4" x 10" (5 1/2" C-C)

Metro Entry Set
2 1/4" x 10" (5 1/2" C-C)

Product Information

Use the Design Your Own tool to create custom combinations.

Exterior Escutcheon (E233): 2 1/4" x 10"

Interior Escutcheon (E231): 2 1/4" x 10"
Shown with Olympus Lever (L135) -


Shown in Entry Dead Bolt / Spring Latch


Shown in White Bronze Light (WL)


  • Price includes your choice of finish and handle except for Crystal knobs (K150, K155) and glass knobs (K151, K156) where an up charge applies. Call RMH for pricing.

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Finish Options

White Bronze Light (WL) -
Silicon Bronze Brushed (BBB)
Silicon Bronze Light (BL)
Silicon Bronze Medium (BM)
Silicon Bronze Dark (BD)
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre (BDL)
Silicon Bronze Rust (BR)
Bronze High Polished * (BHP)
White Bronze Brushed (WBB)
White Bronze Light (WL)
White Bronze Medium (WM)
White Bronze Dark (WD)
White Bronze High Polished * (WHP)

* Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes. Call 888-788-2013 for details.

Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes.

Product Options

Blade Lever
Whittle Lever
I-Beam Lever
Osprey Lever
Trundle Lever
Herron Lever
Carriage Lever
Prairie Knob
Plymouth Knob
Round Cast Glass Knob
Trolley Lever
Rail Lever
Coupler Lever
Boiler Lever
Shift Lever
Oval Cast Glass Knob
Ore Door Knob
Cottage Knob
Trousdale Lever
Trousdale Door Knob
Round Crystal Door Knob
Crystal Door Knob
Ring Pull
Ring Pull
Ring Pull
T Handle
Cross Door Knob
Hitch Door Knob
Gem Door Knob
Large Luna Door Knob
Luna Door Knob
Mushroom Door Knob
Squash Door Knob
Potato Door Knob
Egg Door Knob
Baker Door Knob
Acanthus Door Knob
Elliptic Door Knob
Ellis Door Knob
Maddox Door Knob
Friedman Door Knob
Roswell Door Knob
Mini Roswell Door Knob
Sundial Door Knob
Quatrafoil Door Knob
Octagonal Door Knob
Kettle Door Knob
Mack Door Knob
Carriage Door Knob
Cabernet door knob
Crown door knob
Smith Door Knob
Flute Door Knob
Talon Return Lever
Twig Return Lever
Old World Return Lever
Long Legacy Return Lever
French Return Lever
UJ Return Lever
Olympus Return Lever
Maddox Lever
Pool Lever
Jane Lever
Reed Lever
Strap Lever
Falcon Lever
Ridge Lever
Large Ridge Lever
Ribbon & Reed Lever
Bamboo Lever
Lariat Lever
Euro Lever
Wing Lever
Bella Lever
Harrington Lever
Square Twist Lever
Olympus Lever
Monarch Lever
Scroll Lever
Triple Twist Lever
Classic Scroll Lever
Old World Lever
Rock Creek Lever
French Twist Lever
French Lever
Acanthus Lever
Twig Lever
Classic Lever
Tube Lever
Legacy Lever
Slugger Lever
Talon Lever
Beaver Tail Lever
Hook Lever
Chub Lever
Squirrel Tail Lever
Longhorn Lever
Ellis Lever
Paris Lever
Briggs Lever
Kettle Lever
Emile Lever
Chateau Lever
Crown Lever
Capitol Lever
Smith Lever
Flute Lever

Combinations and Pricing

2 1/4" x 10" Metro Escutcheon

Entry Dead Bolt/ Spring Latch

Exterior Escutcheon (E233)

Interior Escutcheon (E231)

Single Dummy

Escutcheon (E230)

Full Dummy

Exterior Escutcheon (E230)

Interior Escutcheon (E230)

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