Designer Textures Doorbell Button

  • Designer Textures thumblatch entry escutcheon (G130) shown with the Rail grip (G261) in silicon bronze, rust and silicon bronze, dark patinas with the Basic texture.  Designer Textures Door Bell Button (DBB-E103) shown in silicon bronze, dark patina with the Basic texture.

Designer Textures Doorbell Button

Product Information

Designer Textures Doorbell Button (DBB-E103): 3" x 3"


Shown in White Bronze Light (WL) Escutcheon Frame on Black Leather (LBK)

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Finish Options

White Bronze Light (WL) - Escutcheon Frame
Silicon Bronze Brushed (BBB)
Silicon Bronze Light (BL)
Silicon Bronze Medium (BM)
Silicon Bronze Dark (BD)
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre (BDL)
Silicon Bronze Rust (BR)
Bronze High Polished * (BHP)
White Bronze Brushed (WBB)
White Bronze Light (WL)
White Bronze Medium (WM)
White Bronze Dark (WD)
White Bronze High Polished * (WHP)

* Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes. Call 888-788-2013 for details.

Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes.

Designer Inlay Options

Black Leather (LBK)
Basic Texture (BBA)
Branch Texture (BBR)
Flower Texture (BFL)
Flute Texture (BRT)
Tide Texture (BTD)
Tuft Texture (BTF)
Weave Texture (BTW)
Wood Texture (BWD)
Black Leather (LBK)
Brown Tapestry Leather (LBT)
Brown Weave Leather Escutcheon (LBW)
Chocolate Leather (LCH)
Hazel Leather (LHA)
Spice Leather (LSP)
White Leather (LWH)
Wine Leather (LWI)

Combinations and Pricing

DBB Door Bell Button

E103 Square Designer Escutcheon 3" x 3"
E101 Round Designer Escutcheon 3 1/2"

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