Roswell Cabinet Knob

  • Small Roswell cabinet knob (CK254) with  Round rose (CKR20), shown in silicon bronze, dark patina.

  • Roswell Knob (CK254), shown in silicon bronze, rust patina.

  • Farmhouse sink (KS4422) with the Deck Mount Faucet (DMF) with Mini Harrington levers (LW60), Arched spout (P700) and Small bells (P301).  The backsplash is made up of 4" x 4" Acanthus grout through frame tile (TT422) with 1" x 1" Pillow tile (TT519).  The cabinet hardware is a mixture of the Roswell cabinet knobs (CK254) and a Front Mounting Sash pull (CK400).  All shown in white bronze, light patina.

Roswell Cabinet Knob

Product Information

Roswell Cabinet Knob (CK254): 1 7/16" round

Projection: 1 1/4"


Shown in Silicon Bronze Dark


  • Roswell cabinet knobs are available in 1 1/4", 1 7/16" and 1 11/16" sizes
  • Cabinet Roses available

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Finish Options

Silicon Bronze Dark -
Silicon Bronze Brushed
Silicon Bronze Light
Silicon Bronze Medium
Silicon Bronze Dark
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre
Silicon Bronze Rust
Silicon Bronze High Polished *
White Bronze Brushed
White Bronze Light
White Bronze Medium
White Bronze Dark
White Bronze High Polished *

Combinations and Pricing

Roswell Cabinet Knob

CK252 - 1 1/4"
CK254 - 1 7/16"
CK253 - 1 11/16"


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