Edge Square Cabinet Knob

Edge Square Cabinet Knob

Product Information

Edge Square Cabinet Knob (CK108): 3" x 3"

Projection: 1"


Shown in White Bronze Brushed (WBB) on Wood (EWD)


  • Select finish and desired Edge texture option.
  • Edge textures have varying thicknesses.
  • Edge Square cabinet knobs are available in 1/2" & 3" sizes
  • Cabinet Roses are available

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Finish Options

White Bronze Brushed (WBB) -
Silicon Bronze Brushed (BBB)
Silicon Bronze Light (BL)
Silicon Bronze Medium (BM)
Silicon Bronze Dark (BD)
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre (BDL)
Silicon Bronze Rust (BR)
Bronze High Polished * (BHP)
White Bronze Brushed (WBB)
White Bronze Light (WL)
White Bronze Medium (WM)
White Bronze Dark (WD)
White Bronze High Polished * (WHP)

* Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes. Call 888-788-2013 for details.

Upcharge applies for high-polished finishes.

Edge Texture Options

Wood (EWD)
Wood (EWD)
Moonscape (EMS)
Tide (ETD)
Weave (ETW)
Wire (EWR)
Basic (EBA)

Combinations and Pricing

Edge Square Cabinet Knob

CK105 - 1 1/2"
CK108 - 3"

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