Aspen Leaf Tile - 2" x 2"

Aspen Leaf Tile
2" x 2"

The Aspen Leaf tile is a member of the organic tile family. This solid  bronze tile brings some life to any backsplash arrangement.

Product Information

Aspen Leaf Tile (TT221): 2" x 2"


Shown in White Bronze Medium


  • Our Grout-Through (GT) tiles feature recessed "channels" in the surface which are designed to be filled with grout resulting in a unique segmented pattern when installed
  • Additional size available: 4" x 4"

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Finish Options

White Bronze Medium -
Silicon Bronze Brushed
Silicon Bronze Light
Silicon Bronze Medium
Silicon Bronze Dark
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre
Silicon Bronze Rust
New Silicon Bronze High Polished
White Bronze Brushed
White Bronze Light
White Bronze Medium
White Bronze Dark
New White Bronze High Polished

Combinations and Pricing

Aspen Leaf Tile

TT221 - 2" x 2"
TT220 - 4" x 4"


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