Verdura Antimicrobial Passage Set - 3" x 3"

Verdura Antimicrobial Passage Set
3" x 3"

Product Information

Exterior Escutcheon (E10530): 3" x 3"
Shown with Verdura Lever (L10501) -

Interior Escutcheon (E10530): 3" x 3"
Shown with Verdura Lever (L10501) -


Shown in Passage Spring Latch


Shown in


  • Antimicrobial products are cast of EPA registered CuVerro® Copper Alloys
  • Designed by HOK Product Design
  • This set is only available with your choice of L10501 lever or L10502 return lever
  • Available in a variety of lock functions
  • Set includes escutcheon, choice of handle and lock mechanism in choice of 6 finish options
  • Also available in our standard bronze alloys. Click here to view product options.
  • Call RMH for project pricing

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Antimicrobial Finish Options

Product is shown in the finish below. It's also available in all patina options.

White Bronze Matte
Silicon Bronze Brushed (SAB)
Silicon Bronze Matte (SAM)
Rose Bronze Brushed (RAB)
Rose Bronze Matte (RAM)
White Bronze Brushed (WAB)
White Bronze Matte (WAM)

Product Options

Verdura Antimicrobial Lever
Verdura Antimicrobial Return Lever
Verdura Return Lever
Verdura Lever

Combinations and Pricing

3" x 3" Square Verdura Antimicrobial Escutcheon

Passage Spring Latch

Exterior Escutcheon (E10530)

Interior Escutcheon (E10530)

Passage Mortise Lock

Exterior Escutcheon (E10530)

Interior Escutcheon (E10530)

Full Dummy

Exterior Escutcheon (E10530)

Interior Escutcheon (E10530)

Single Dummy

Escutcheon (E10530)


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