Rect. Multi-Point Patio Set - 1 3/8"x11"
The clean geometry of this rectangular shape makes a strong statement in contemporary or traditional settings. The simple handcrafted style recalls the beautiful Craftsman hardware of the early 20th century.

E456 / E487
• 1 3/8" x 11" escutcheons
• Shown as patio trim for an American cylinder with the L10801 Briggs lever in white bronze, light patina.
• Price includes choice of finish and lever.
• Knobs and rings are not recommended for multi-point sets.
• Click on 'OPTIONS' for patina and handle options
• For pricing click on 'ALL COMBINATIONS & PRICING'.
• For dimensional drawings click on 'SPECIFICATIONS'
• Entry Trim includes American cylinder and turn piece.
• Patio Trim includes turn piece.
• Entry, Patio, and Passage trim includes an 8mm spindle.
• The center to center dimension will need to be verified before set can be ordered.

E486 / E488
E489 / E488
E489 / E489
1 3/8" x 11" American Cylinder-Lever Low
E486 / E488 Entry Trim
E489 / E488 Patio Trim
E489 / E489 Passage Trim
E489 / E489 Full Dummy
E481 / E487
E456 / E487
E456 / E456
1 3/8" x 11" American Cylinder-Lever High
E481 / E487 Entry Trim
E456 / E487 Patio Trim
E456 / E456 Passage Trim
E456/ E456 Full Dummy

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