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Please choose which brochure(s) you would like to receive and how you would like to receive the brochure(s), either a downloadable electronic copy or a hard copy sent by US mail.

Please note: some of our updated brochures are only available as a downloadable pdf, not as a hard copy at this time.



Download - Requested literature pieces will be available as PDF documents. PDFs can opened and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

US Postal Mail - Requested literature pieces will be sent in paper form via the US Postal Service. Literature will arrive within 5-10 business days.

Select Literature to Receive

2014 New Source Book - DOWNLOAD ONLY

Our New Volume 8 Source Book - featuring  our complete product offering. Available as a pdf download only, no print version is available.

2014 New Lighting Brochure - DOWNLOAD ONLY

This brochure features our complete collection of lighting. Available as a pdf download only, no print version is available.

Flute | The Roger Thomas Collection

A small brochure highlighting Flute by The Roger Thomas Collection.

Source Book Vol. 7

Source Book Vol. 7 -  featuring 13 door hardware collections, plumbing, lighting, door and home accessories.

Tile Collection

A new brochure featuring over 100 solid bronze tiles for backsplashes, countertops and more.

Designer Textures Collection

New to the Designer Collection are seven solid bronze motifs varying in style from a faux-bois wood grain to a symmetrical tufted pattern.

Towne Collection

The classic silhouette of the Towne Collection complements a wide spectrum of settings and period styles, from an Edwardian or Georgian manor to an Art Nouveau apartment.

Briggs Collection

The Briggs Collection takes its design inspiration from a rich array of stylistic influences – from Moroccan grates to the door knobs of a cathedral built in the 1800s.

Paris | The Roger Thomas Collection

A collection that is reminiscent of historical styles from 17th and 18th century France with a sense of whimsy, romance and decorative flair.

Ted Boerner Collection

Ted Boerner, respected San Francisco-based furniture designer, offers five new cabinet hardware collections, including chunky handles and asymmetrical knobs and pulls.

Lighting Brochure

Combining the warm texture of cast art-grade bronze with hand crafted glass, the lighting collection is designed to gracefully span styles from contemporary to traditional.

Ellis Collection

A collection that honors its traditional architectural heritage. Classic, ornate details are achieved through age-old investment casting techniques.

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